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Capturing Your Memories - One photo or video at a time.

About Us

We are Jeff & Reyna out of San Diego, California! Seeing as you've made yourself onto our page, you know we absolutely LOVE capturing memories, whether it be photo or video.

A little history on how we started J&R Photo & Video... We both met on the east coast. After endlessly exploring the major cities along the coast, we slowly understood how important capturing those memories while traveling were. We both had passion in the photography and videography space, and decided it was time to start J&R Photo & Video. The rest is history!

More important than just capturing others memories and great times... getting to know those who reach out to us is another incredibly fulfilling aspect of this business. We look forward to meeting, getting to know, and figuring out how we can help every client that reaches out to us. We couldn't be happier doing what we do!


We put your needs first in producing the best photos to lock in those special memories. We produce single subject, couples, families, and even family pet photos. Whatever your need - we work with you to produce the photos you desire!


We specialize in location and family based video. We really enjoy capturing those moments that would be lost forever. Whether it be a "day in the life" or a family event, we can produce the video you're looking for!

A Combination of Both!

We also offer a combination of both photo and video. This would suit your needs if you want high quality photos along with a video of the day or an event. In this instance, you'd get the best of both worlds!



Your Needs Come First

Whatever the occasion may be - your need and final result, comes first. We sit down and discuss this aspect in great length to determine the result that would best suits you.

We Strive For Excellence

This is something we hold dear to our hearts. That's making our customers 100% satisfied - not only with the final product, but with the entire process. Are you not that comfortable in front of a camera? Don't worry, we make the photo/video sessions as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible! Photo/video sessions are supposed to be enjoyed and remembered, we do just that!

High Quality Final Results (Photo)

Once we are done taking and (slightly) editing your photos, we upload them here on the website for you do download. Your album is password protected, and we always upload high quality (~6000x4000) images. These images allow you to post them on social media in high quality as well as allowing you to print them on paper as large as 30"x20". We can also make arrangements for delivery of your photographs on a thumb drive.

4k Video

That's right! We offer high quality 4k video. Using the latest mirrorless camera technology, we remain small and compact (unlike very large studio cameras) - while offering top notch image quality. We upload and share your videos through Venmo. Your video remains private, only you can see and download it!

Contact Us

  • (202)-716-8427
  • (619)-459-0968
  • jnrphotosvideo@gmail.com
  • San Diego, California

We typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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