Christmas Photoshoot (mini): What to expect and receive

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

How long has it been since you booked a photo session? Months? Years? Maybe you're one of the many that haven't ever experienced a session... Well, Christmas is one of the best occasions of the year to book one! Why? To put it simply, it's all about the memories...

Book now for our Christmas mini session!

The mini Christmas session experience

If you're wondering how the experience of one of our mini Christmas sessions would be... we like to explain it in one word... memorable.

First, we're a "two-man" team. You don't have to worry about being surrounded by tons of

people like assistants, behind the scenes photographers, etc. We're incredibly easy-going.

We can say with confidence that you will not find photographers more understanding, respectful, confident in their work - and just plain down to earth. We're here for you and nothing more. Remember that. Not only will you have a memorable experience, you'll walk away with actual memories. Not only memories of the session, but actual memories locked away within images that you can look back on years from now that'll make you smile.

What you will receive from the mini Christmas photo session

A great example of the "warm and bold" style

Now, to answer the question you've probable come here for - what you'll receive from us!

You'll receive at least 5 professionally edited images. These are edited in the style that you like best.

***Note: It is critical that you decide which style you would like as an end result, and then let us know.

A great example of "light and airy"

The importance of this is the way that we capture your images. A "light and airy" image is captured much differently than a "warm and bold" style. Just be sure to let us know! If you would like a mix of the different styles, that's completely fine, just be sure to let us know that as well!***

You'll have your own personal URL to your own password protected gallery. You'll be able to login, view, and download your photos whenever you'd like. Your gallery will be live forever. So, years from now, if you misplace your images/files, no worries. Your URL and password will remain the same from that date (of publish) going forward!

A print release allows you to download and print the image to your desired specifications. You can resize, crop, rotate... anything! You'll be able to print up to a 30x40 image before you will see any loss in image quality. 7 Day processing time is typical for most photo sessions. From time to time we are able to process them faster, but it's never more than 7 days (day 1 starting the day after the photoshoot).

You can add and take away from a session

If you see a package that we offer, we can always make changes to better accommodate your needs.

If you feel you want more pictures, more locations, more time, etc... Just let us know the changes that are needed and we will get it done!

***Note: Mini sessions are our lowest package offered. You will not be able to take away anything from a mini session to have a less expensive photo session. Mini sessions are $99. We do not go any lower than that.***

So what are you waiting for?

Book now for our Christmas mini session!

Create the memories to last for a lifetime! Allow yourself to look back on your photos and smile... flooding your mind with all of the great memories of the session, month, or even that entire year! Yes, pictures can spark those deep memories.

The only way to be able to do that is to book now! Allow us to create those memories!! Check out below for our examples from this year so far!

Book now for our Christmas mini session!

We look forward and can't wait to meet you! Sincerely,

Jeff & Reyna

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