Single Subject Portrait

It's All About the Experience...

No one wants a drab, boring, photo session where the photographer seems to know less than you do! Right? Not only that, your photos suffer for it.  No one wants that.

We take pride in providing you with a session to remember!  You'll know from the first few minutes, the session is all about you.  We build off the positive vibes you both bring to the session, all while capturing those precious moments.

The greatest images are captured amongst love, laughter, and joy. 

Capturing that perfect photo...

We take pride in saying, we work for you.

Capturing that perfect image - that picture (or series of pictures) that you've been imagining for oh-so-long...

... takes time, imagination, and skill.

This is precisely what we offer and execute on every creative/single subject session.

We bring what you've been dreaming and/or imagining - to life!

The Seamless Process...

Aside from picking and purchasing your package - there's only one thing you'll need to do...  come to your photo session ready to have a great time!

That's right!  From the moment you book your session we're preparing everything just for you!  From the photos to culling, editing, exporting, uploading, creating your beautiful gallery.... and the list goes on...

That's something that YOU don't have to worry about.  You purchase, arrive at your session, take some oh-so-amazing pictures, and within 7 days you have your own personal password protected gallery.

Seamless and simple!

The Power Of Choice...

Not only do you have package choices (and those can be altered to better fit your needs)... but even more importantly are the pictures themselves.

I'm sure at some point or another a photographer, friend, or someone has mentioned "proofed" photos.  This is something we provide within every package we offer.

A proofed album is a large gallery of images from your session where you're allowed to choose the images you like the most and those are the ones you will receive.

If your package includes 10 images, you choose the 10 you like the most.  If there are more than 10 that you like, all you do is pay a very nominal fee for the additional photos.  

This gives you the power of choice - instead of being given the ones that we think you would like the most - YOU choose the ones that best resonate with you.

Building Long Lasting Relationships

This is why we do what we do!  This is why YOU come before anything in our business!

Reyna and I started this business to help those who wanted a great time and beautiful, creative photos.

We want to be the one you call on year after year for your photo needs.

We aren't in this business for a quick buck - we are in it for the long-haul and enjoy building the trust and relationships with everyone along the way!

Medium Options...

Every photographer on the planet (including ourselves) offer digital delivery as their primary delivery method.

While there is nothing wrong with this at all, we take it a step further and offer your images in many different forms.

This includes wall art, canvas, prints, metal prints.  We even offer prints in acrylic blocks.  Whatever you have in mind, I'm sure we can make it happen!

Image Quality Matters...

Have you ever printed your own or someone else's digital images and they came out blurry or "pixelated"?  This is where image quality comes into play.

Aside from the image looking great - the size or resolution of the image matters. This is why professional photographers spend so much on their cameras.

Our images are always exported and delivered in highest of settings.  We send .jpg files for web use (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)  We send high quality PNG files for printing.

Don't worry if any of this confuses you.  All you need to know is you're getting the highest quality image possible - and you'll be able to print an image as large as 30x40 with less than 5% loss in image quality!

You're In the Best of Hands!

This is where we tell you that you have nothing to worry about - because it's true!

With the experience, passion, and understanding that we possess - there isn't anything for you to worry or second guess.

We have you covered with YOUR best interests in mind!

So, what are you waiting for?  Book a session and come have fun (while taking great pictures haha)!

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